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UNIQA Asigurari Bucharest 10K & FAMILY RUN Newsletter | #5 / 2017
Hi, Oana!

Medalia // The medal


Fie ca alergi la Cursa Individuala de 10 km sau proba de stafeta, medalia pe care o vei primi la final va fi, suntem convinsi, o amintire frumoasa de la UNIQA Asigurari Bucharest 10K & FAMILY RUN.

Whether you run the 10 km Individual Race or you will be part of the relay teams, the medal will be, for sure, a nice memory from the UNIQA Asigurari Bucharest 10K & FAMILY RUN.

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Caritate - Cauza asociata// Charity - Associated Cause
Organizatia Umanitara CONCORDIA

CONCORDIA este o organizație independenta, neguvernamentala si nonprofit, activa la nivel international, care are ca misiune sustinerea familiilor aflate in dificultate si (re)integrarea sociala (familiala, școlara, profesionala) a copiilor, tinerilor si adultilor, spre o viata autonoma si responsabila.

CONCORDIA is an international, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization with a history of over 24 years in Romania. Its mission is supporting the social, familial, educational and professional (re)integration of children, youth and families in difficult situations towards an independent and responsible life.


Caritate - Cauza asociata// Charity - Associated Cause
Touched for Romania

Asociatia Touched Romania previne abandonul copiilor ajutand mamele si copiii in dificutate sa ramana impreuna si sa se reintegreze in societate. Programele sale sociale vin in ajutorul mamelor si copiiilor in dificultate, victime ale violentei domestice, saraciei si excluziunii sociale.

Touched Romania Association prevents the child abandonment by helping mothers and children to stay together and to reintegrate into society. They have developed a number of social programs that help mothers and children in need, victims of domestic violence, poverty and social exclusion.

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